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Kim Benson Is Finally Thin

When Kim Bensen weighed in at Weight Watchers in October of 2001 the scale read 347 pounds.So ended her 20 year battle with weight, trying every fad and method out there and still gaining over 150 pounds. 212 pounds later the war was over in October 2003 when she achieved her goal.

One of the keys to her success was that as she began to plan and work her personal program Kim found that she enjoyed the process. If you have ever tried to lose a few pounds you know that the work involved in losing 200 pounds would make that goal seem beyond reach. Kim commenced the business of changing her life and keeping records of the transformation. She began learning new health and nutrition habits, new cooking techniques, inventing recipes and eventually becoming a leader and a teacher in art and science of weight loss. All of which she happily shares in her book.

Kim assembled instruments and concepts that she calls tools to help her achieve her dream. Among the instruments in the tool box is a 5 day meal planner to jump start the beginners program. There is a calculator called the BMI or Body Mass Index. The BMI is a way to measure the body fat of adult men and women based on their height and weight says the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Another calculator in the tool box is the BMR formula.

The BMR shows what your calorie intake should be to lose 8/10 of a pound a week when you input your height, weight, age, sex, and activity level. Imagine a calculator to know how much water you should drink each day, it's in the tool box. Another calculator tells you how many calories are burned while running. Do you go to carnivals, you can find a helpful list about carnival food, and one for restaurants, and also a grocery shopping list. She has many more tools to help a weight loss program.

Kim's book is not a diet nor does she sell a diet program. Inspiration and encouragement are what you will discover in her book. Kim Bensen lost 212 pounds, is Finally Thin, and you can be too.