Getresponse vs Aweber Which Is Better

Getresponse Vs Aweber
Aweber vs Getresponse

The options for implementing an email marketing service into your business’s online advertising campaign are many. Each service provider promises stellar results. What is important for businesses is to select an email marketing services option that is in alignment with the size, personality and goals of your business. Two most popular options among email marketing services are Getresponse and Aweber. Then which email marketing software is better among Getresponse vs Aweber? The odds are that Getresponse email marketing service is going to meet the needs of your businesses more than Aweber. Here are a few facts about each.

Web-based Email Marketing Software

Back in the day, when one heard the word “software” this meant purchasing a program and installing it locally on computers. Today, the majority of email marketing services are web based. This means that businesses can log on to manage their email campaigns, blogs and newsletters from anywhere. All emailing histories and information are stored on the email marketing service’s servers, so there is no concern about “losing” anything. Both Get response and Aweber offer web based interfaces. There is no real difference between these services on this front.

Get Response vs Aweber Interface

Aweber vs GetresponseWhile we think up Getrepsonse Vs Aweber in view of interface, both offer a very user friendly interface. While there is a learning curve for both, there is no denying that anyone with basic knowledge about navigating their way around a computer can learn these interfaces in about an hour.

Getresponse vs Aweber Basic Features

Both Getresponse and Aweber have many premade templates for newsletters and emails. Both offer premade “Welcome” emails and have unsubscribe options built in. Both make it simple to import customer emails from all email domains at the click of a button. Auto responders and email analytics are standard for both email marketing services.

Aweber vs Getresponse Pricing

When we look at the pricing of both the services, Getresponse pricing proves to be the most competative than Aweber. At the entry level Getresponse charges $15 for 1000 subscribers where Aweber charges $19 for 500 subscribers. Like-wise Aweber charges more in comparision to Getresponse with the increase in subscribers list. So definitely pricing is a major determining factor while we choose Getresponse vs Aweber.

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Aweber vs Getresponse Social Media

Social media makes or breaks the email marketing campaign of a business. No matter what the specific needs are of varying industries, social media will be critical. With regard to this, Getreponse offers better social media outreach and analytics than Aweber.

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  • What Aweber offers

Aweber does allow the addition of a tab on a company Facebook page to sign up for newsletters. It also has a feature that allows a blog post to automatically go out to all email subscribers. But this is as far as they go. Getresponse offers the ability to link up with virtually all social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin Google Plus). Aweber does have some analytics about who opened emails, who clicked etc. Aweber offers competent but mediocre information about ROI and the success of as email campaign.

  • What Getresponse offers

Getresponse ReviewSocial media and email marketing is where the men are separated from the boys. Getreponse keeps track of what users do with a company’s emails and posts.  The quality of analytics in this regard is superb. The other very unique feature about Getresponse is that it allows for the creation of a landing page for emails. Suppose the Widget Company is having a 2-day sale on Widgets. It can create a web page (a landing page) just for this sale whose link is included in the emails. This is a serious timesaver. Rather than have the IT department work on this tiny detail, it can be doing other things while someone else can create the landing page in minutes.

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  • Bottom Line

For most companies who need serious social media outreach and analytics about each email marketing campaign, Getresponse is by far the winner.  It is also just a tad less expensive as well. Both Getresponse and Aweber offer a good product in most areas, but Getresponse has taken it to an exceptional level that nearly all businesses can benefit from. These days, most businesses need to integrate all advertising with social media and Getresponse allows them to do it easily and affordable. Hence Getresponse email marketing service stand as winner in comparison between  Getresponse vs Aweber.

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    There is one serious drawback with Aweber I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere…which I think it is very important to let people who consider which service to use know! And it’s something I’ve found the hard way! Namely, Aweber keeps charging you even for those customers of yours that unsubscribed! That’s right: you will have to go and delete the unsubscribes one by one, or you will be charged for them. Sneaky…

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